Do you want to build a legacy...
BUT no one knows who you are, or what you do?
Stop sitting on the sidelines praying for someone to notice you. 

If you know that what you have to offer the world is GOLDEN... it's time to start attracting the publicity and attention that you deserve...

Did you know that you could easily expand your audience without spending a fortune on advertising?!

Make yourself a promise to take action!

Stop running in circles trying to build an audience, get more clients and reach your sales goals.

I help business owners build a rock-solid brand and strategy that boosts their confidence, positions them for media, grows their visibility, builds credibility and reaches their sales goals.

The investment for PR Coaching is $2,000. Payment plans are available.
Publicity is better than advertising!

Leverage my 12 years of success in 
PR, Marketing and Events to grow your business.
Hey there! I'm Jamillah, a publicity and brand strategist who loves helping executives, entrepreneurs, start-ups, authors, public speakers, and consultants craft their brand messaging, set up systems in their business, and get brand boosting media exposure. 

I have a 100% success rate with everyone that I have worked with!  

I'm a small business owner, so I know how important publicity and marketing are to reach your income goals. I started my PR career 13 years ago; this is my passion. I climbed the career ladder working for big businesses with big wallets. But, I know that small businesses deserve the same access to PR strategy and marketing secrets. 

Since 2012, I've used my big business skill set to elevate small business owners - just like you!


My clients have been featured on Fox News, The Huffington Post, The Food Network, NPR Radio, Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast, BuzzFeed, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Forbes, Young Upstarts, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Soul Train, BET, Sirius XM Radio, Essence Magazine, Centric Television, The CW Network, Rolling Out, Madame Noire, The Wall Street Journal, Amsterdam News, Cafe Mocha Radio, JET Magazine, ELLE Magazine Online, Mind Body & Green... and so many more. 

Do I really have to keep name dropping?

Oh yeah... I almost forgot to mention, I am a member of Forbes Coaches Council and a blogger for The Huffington Post. 
They Know The Value Of  PR...
"I spent over 4 hours with Jamillah on how to use PR to expand my personal brand with new audiences. She truly understands what entrepreneurs and executives need to get highly targeted visibility."

"It has increased my followers and my outreach into new avenues. "
"Jamillah redefined my definition of PR. As a marketing professional, it is hard to find a good Publicist and I was thoroughly pleased! Her attention to detail was more than expected. She's the real deal. "
"She helped us to think critically, digging deeper and dissecting ideas to create the strategy needed. She really helped us to get unstuck in our business. "
Still not reaching a big enough audience to support your 
entrepreneurial dreams? You  need a PR plan. Let's talk!
Work with me for just 6 weeks to land interviews with the media, obtain more speaking engagements, attract more business and build an influential brand. My coaching program delivers the execution strategy that brings the success that you have been wishing for in your business.

My clients have been able to convert their audiences into paid customers, secure speaking engagements, be featured by top media outlets like The Wall Street Journal and Essence Magazine, and grow their social media following.
This Learning Intensive Program Includes...
  • Tackling the 'Imposter Syndrome' - Build confidence to overcome your fear of the limelight and self-promotion. This program teaches you how to not feel like a used car salesman every time you talk about your business.
  •  Brand Development - Position yourself as THE go-to expert by crafting a brand worthy of attention. I will audit your current marketing to highlight holes that could be costing you big. Then, we will craft your marketing assets such as speaker kits, media kits, and advertising copy.
  •  Craft Your Story and Business Messaging - Build deeper connections with your audience because they understand your expertise and they value what you bring to the table. Learn how to attract the right people to you.
  • How to Pitch Opportunities - Learn how to properly connect with media outlets to promote your newsworthy happenings. This is more than an elevator pitch. We figure out how to generate attention that leads to profit!
  •  Techniques to Show Up Where Your Audience Is  - A deep dive into who needs your services/products most and the sneaky ninja tactics that public relations professionals use to find them.  This allows you to better serve your industry while building a reputable brand or business. 
  • Media Training - Now that you have landed the interview, you have to know the right things to say. Together we'll craft your messaging to ensure you are a shining star on camera and on the mic.
  •  Attracting and Automating Business Leads - Develop systems and processes to ease the frustrations of solopreneurship or owning a small business. Together we'll construct a marketing strategy that you can put on autopilot to help you capture new business leads and build relationships with them.
  • You ONLY love to dream, but aren't willing to take action. If you're in love with your comfort zone... DO NOT APPLY.
  •  You are looking for a cheerleader for your bad business behaviors. DO NOT APPLY.
  • You want a babysitter for your business. This is for action-takers. DO NOT APPLY.
  • You struggle with basic accountability, such as returning paperwork, paying on time, following up on a promised email, or attending meetings on time.  DO NOT APPLY.