For Small Business Owners, Busy Entrepreneurs, & Bestselling Authors
who are frustrated with trying to figure out how to get publicity!
Do You.....

Have an amazing product or service, but feel completely clueless as to how to attract attention for it?

Got a powerful message, but can't figure how to land  media interviews?

Watch as others in your industry get interviews, awards, and new opportunities.. But you're wondering why it's not happening for you?

Feel overwhelmed, not being able to focus on your business because you are too busy trying to promote your brand?

Know that you have the potential to make huge waves with your business, but you just need some guidance with your marketing and help landing publicity opportunities?
Introducing:  PR Ready... Set... GO!
This is a hybrid solution which includes done-with-you AND done-for-you services.
The perfect solution for busy, profitable business owners who no longer want to struggle with planning their marketing, and are ready to hand off the responsibility of building brand awareness, using publicity, to a team of experts.

  •  Brand Audit:  A thorough examination of how your business/brand is performing, empowering you to discover your strengths and weaknesses. This research helps us create strategy winning strategies for your business.  A done-for-you service.
  •  Unique Selling Proposition Intensive LIVE Training - Knowing how to pitch your business is a gamechanger! Learn how to discuss your business to peak the interest of others. A private access training session, where you uncover how to talk about your business in the most attractive way, and discover how to promote what makes you stand out from the crowd -- the bottom line to pitching your business or brand. This is a high engagement session, where private members are allowed to ask their business questions, while receiving support from peers. This course includes a 30-minute virtual media training session with me to ensure that you're interview ready. A done-with-you service 
  •  Automate Your Outreach - An interactive lesson to build an automated system that generates leads for your business or product launch. It takes more than email marketing and a landing page to close deals.  A done-with-you service.
  •  Media Interview with a Digital Radio Outlet -  A publicity interview is booked for you that allows you to showcase your updated brand messaging, and show-off your new media training abilities. After the interview you will receive a copy of the recording to use in your marketing promotions. A done-with-you service.
  •  PR & Marketing Strategy - 1-to-1 virtual strategy planning session that lasts up to two hours, where we review your goals, craft a workable strategy and develop a timeline for your business promotions. A done-for-you service.
  •  OPTIONAL Branding Photography Shoot  A personalized photoshoot that showcases your brand messaging, personality and product offerings. Photography session lasts up to one hour. Additional fees for travel, lodging, and studio location may be required. A done-for-you service. 
Introductory Pricing  
Per Month  (Reg. $97/MO)
  • Full Access to Program
  • Access to Private Community
  • Monthly Masterminds
  • Course Library
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Plug & Play Done For You Templates
  • Media & Resource Contact List
paid In Full
Billed annually. Save $267.
  • Full Access to Program
  • Access to Private Community
  • VIP Access to Monthly Masterminds
  • Course Library
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Plug & Play Done For You Templates
  • Media & Resource Contact List
  • BONUS: 45-Minute Strategy Session with Jamillah
What They Had To Say...
"I spent over 4 hours with Jamillah on how to use PR to expand my personal brand with new audiences. She truly understands what entrepreneurs and executives need to get highly targeted visibility."

"It has increased my followers and my outreach into new avenues. "
"Jamillah redefined my definition of PR. As a marketing professional, it is hard to find a good Publicist and I was thoroughly pleased! Her attention to detail was more than expected. She's the real deal. "
"She helped us to think critically, digging deeper and dissecting ideas to create the strategy needed. She really helped us to get unstuck in our business. "
Publicity is better than advertising!
Leverage my 12 years of success in
PR, Marketing and Events to grow your business.
Hey there! I'm Jamillah, a publicity and brand strategist who loves helping executives, entrepreneurs, start-ups, authors, public speakers, and consultants craft their brand messaging, set up systems in their business, and get brand boosting media exposure.

I have a 100% success rate with everyone that I have worked with!

I'm a small business owner, so I know how important publicity and marketing are to reach your income goals. I started my PR career 12 years ago; this is my passion. I climbed the career ladder working for big businesses with big wallets. But, I know that small businesses deserve the same access to PR strategy and marketing secrets.

Since 2012, I've used my big business skill set to elevate small business owners - just like you!


My clients have been featured on Fox News, The Huffington Post, The Food Network, NPR Radio, Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast, BuzzFeed, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Forbes, Young Upstarts, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Soul Train, BET, Sirius XM Radio, Essence Magazine, Centric Television, The CW Network, Rolling Out, Madame Noire, The Wall Street Journal, Amsterdam News, Cafe Mocha Radio, JET Magazine, ELLE Magazine Online, Mind Body & Green... and so many more.

Do I really have to keep name dropping?

Oh yeah... I almost forgot to mention, I am a content contributor to, and previously wrote for Soul Train and Huffington Post.
  • You want to become famous overnight. This program won't land you on Oprah's couch tomorrow.  If that's what you are looking for... DO NOT APPLY. PLEASE. 
  •  You aren't ready to INVEST money and time into your business. DO NOT APPLY.
  • You have NOT launched your business yet, and do not know exactly what your startup is. DO NOT APPLY.
  • You have NO desire or goals to grow your brand and gain media attention.  DO NOT APPLY.