A virtual course for entrepreneurs who want to shorten the distance to their goals by learning to attract attention that grows their brand awareness AND their bank accounts. 
This online academy provides a clear road map and strategy to place your business in front of the right people. This academy guides you through articulating your value, sharing your story in a buzz worthy way, pitching yourself to media, and attracting new opportunities. 

Here's where your anxiety levels go down, when it comes time to pitch yourself...

In this course, you will be guided through the BEST strategy and tactics for positioning yourself as a thought leader, clarifying your brand story, and being seen as  go-to expert.

Here's where you get off the sidelines, and show off your genius!

Business professionals, just like you, are showcasing their expertise, landing media attention, and attracting potential new business opportunities... What are you waiting for?

Your business is too valuable to be invisible. Your voice is worthy of being heard. Your goals are achievable. 

You are missing two things... Two very important things...

A strategy to position you as a thought leader and the know-how to stand out from the crowd. 

So, I've got you covered. That's what this virtual course is all about!
Hey! I'm Jamillah R., PR Coach & Strategist. 

I've worked in the industry of public relations, marketing, and event planning for 13 years. I made my big move into full-time entrepreneurship in 2015. As a Publicist, I dedicated my talents to small business owners seeking to grow their brand awareness.

However, I kept noticing similar 'potholes' that many entrepreneurs and small business owners were facing with traditional publicity. 

Publicity, alone, wasn't enough to create longevity for their brands. Most needed help with creating consistent attention for their business. Instead of the one-off boost that comes from a short term publicity plan.

Some people believe that getting a media mention will grow their business. But, in reality, 15-minutes of fame is never long enough.

I believe that publicity must to be paired with storytelling, in-person sales activities, digital advertising, and social media to create the type of recognition that drives long term brand awareness. And, I work best with entrepreneurs who are seeking long term brand awareness.

PR Ready.. Set... GO! was created to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and publicity.
PR Ready.. Set... GO! is a virtual learning academy that provides guidance to entrepreneurs and small business owners, who want to get MORE eyeballs on their business. This course and private learning community is a great fit for those who want to build trust with their audience and gain exposure.

This course guides students step-by-step through planning, strategy, and tactics to empower them to position themselves to find their dream clients and reach their business goals.

Have you been 'in your feelings' about pitching yourself?

Do you feel doubt when it comes to pitching yourself? Do you wish that you just knew what to say before hitting the email send button... or the Go Live button?
The PR Ready.. Set... GO! learning process was created to change those feeling of doubt and to help you create the wins that you deserve.

Being the 'Best Kept Secret' is the kiss of death for entrepreneurs. That means if you are the best at what you do, even if you have the most talent... you can STILL be overlooked for opportunities because people simply do not know who you are.

This course gives you access to trainings that teach you to confidently talk about your business, pitch your ideas, and to promote your brand to the masses.

I created this course to help entrepreneurs grow their business and make a BIG impact with their message.

It's a $597 investment, that is valued at $897.
"WE did it!!! Your advice was super helpful. "
"Amazing info and content.  I love the way everything was structured! It really begin to open up my eyes of understanding."
"Thank you sooooo much! Info was super helpful and I'm able to put it to use."
"Thanks for your tips and answer regarding hiring a team. It really helped. "
What is the investment? 
The course includes 24/7 course content access, virtual group coaching, and a private strategy session. The investment is $597 (a $897 value).

Explain the PR Ready.. Set... GO! Course
PR Ready.. Set... GO! is a virtual course that provides guidance through the process of using public relations (PR) for small business owners and entrepreneurs. This strategic step-by-step system takes your business on the journey through scaling your business model, while growing your reputation. The content provides one-year of actionable strategies to get the word out about your business.

Is This Course for Me?
If you feel like you are the 'Best Kept Secret' in your industry then this course is just right for you! The learning academy ensures that your brand messaging is clear, develops your marketing assets and helps you create a visibility strategy that's unique and perfect for your brand. 

Why Shouldn't I Just Hire A Publicist?
Maybe you should! But, first ask yourself, "Am I PR ready?" 
Take the PR Ready Set Go Visibility Quiz (Click Here) to determine if your next best move is to hire a PR Team or to be a part of this one-of-a-kind program.