A business community for entrepreneurs who want to shorten the distance to their goals by 
learning to attract attention that grows their reputation AND their bank accounts. 
PR Ready.. Set... GO! is a membership-based program that provides guidance and accountability
to entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

This strategic step-by-step system empowers members to get more eyeballs on their business. It allows them to showcase their talents and products in front of MORE people. Each month members build up their skills in PR, marketing and branding to reach their revenue-driven goals. 
I have over 13 years of experience in public relations, marketing, and event planning. In 2015, I made the commitment to work full-time with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners, as a Publicist. 

However, I kept noticing similar 'potholes' that many entrepreneurs and small business owners were facing. 

They weren't practicing effective marketing tactics  and they lacked systems to maximize the media attention that we got while working together.

Most individuals believe that getting one media mention will grow their sales. But, in reality, a better strategy than publicity is needed for entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

Publicity has to be paired with branding, offline sales activities, advertising, social media, and events to create the type of recognition that drives revenue goals.

PR Ready.. Set... GO! was created to bridge the gap between publicity and marketing.

PR Ready.. Set... GO! is a monthly membership program for entrepreneurs and business owners 
who want to attract more customers and be seen as leaders in their industry. 
Visibility Training/Coaching - Each month content is released to walk you through the process of building brand awareness, and step-by-step guidance is given to help you with marketing tactics and technology.
Masterclass featuring Industry Experts - Offers the opportunity to advance your skills by leveraging the minds and journeys of successful industry leaders.

LIVE Q&A Sessions - Jamillah hosts two private virtual LIVE sessions for members to ask their specific brand visibility questions. 

Resource Lists - Every month members will receive a curated list of opportunities to grow your business offline. Including, but not limited to, media contact lists, national conference calendars, call-for-speaker announcements, regional networking events, and business award opportunities.

Private Community - Our virtual coworking space built on a mobile app. Allows members to be their most productive. This community experience provides accountability, friendly business support, and feedback. This is not a Facebook Group.

1:1 Coaching Session - BONUS for annual members only. Private coaching to map out your goals, research strategy, and create a step-by-step plan of action for your business or brand to gain visibility.   ($350 value)

"Jamillah is a wealth of information! When it comes to media and PR, she is my go to resource!"

"It has increased my followers and my outreach into new avenues. "
"Jamillah redefined my definition of PR. As a marketing professional, it is hard to find a good Publicist and I was thoroughly pleased! Her attention to detail was more than expected. She's the real deal. "
"She helped us to think critically, digging deeper and dissecting ideas to create the strategy needed. She really helped us to get unstuck in our business. "
Explain the PR Ready.. Set... GO! Program
PR Ready.. Set... GO! is a membership-based program that provides guidance and accountability
to entrepreneurs and small business owners. This strategic step-by-step system takes your business on the journey through scaling your business model, while growing your reputation. The content provides one-year of actionable strategies to get the word out about your business.

Is This Membership for Me?
If you feel like you are the 'Best Kept Secret' in your industry then this program is just right for you! This program ensures that your brand messaging is clear, develops your marketing assets and helps you create a visibility strategy that's unique and perfect for your brand. 

Why Shouldn't I Just Hire A Publicist?
Maybe you should! But, first ask yourself, "Am I PR ready?" 
Take the PR Ready Set Go Visibility Quiz (Click Here) to determine if your next best move is to hire a PR Team or to join this one-of-a-kind program. 

How Do I Cancel?
If you are ever interested in canceling membership, please send an email to hello [at] befriendyourbrand [dot] com, to receive a cancellation form. You can cancel at anytime. 

How are payments processed?
We use automated billing through a secure portal, Stripe. Membership fees are automatically deducted on the day that you joined the program. No refunds are given.